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Why use Tax Accountant Review (TAR)?

Unlike some business brokers, TAR’s partners own several tax practices. TAR knows the landscape of tax preparation and have constant flow of contacts among sellers and buyers.

Potential Sellers:
We have database of thousands of tax practitioners and consumers who are interested in acquiring your tax practice. Because we run our own tax practice, we can empathize with you and know what you want. To get started call our office and we can walk you through the process of selling your practice via business succession planning.




Potential Buyers:
Here are the top 2 great reasons why you should consider buying a tax practice.
1. Job Security: Unlike the good old days when you will have a job for 30 years plus without being afraid of getting laid off, today’s project based economy you will have to think twice if not three times. Owning a tax practice provides you job security.
2. Life and Work Balance: Yes during tax season (end of February through April 15th) you will be booked. That is only 2.5 months out of 12 months. The rest of the year you are free to engage in other activities, whether personal or other businesses.  Register as a buyer to buy an accounting or tax firm.  Our broker will get back to you.



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